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Throughout September- November 2022, within the framework of the “Youth for Peace and Security” project, in partnership with the National Youth Congress, in the scope of Tirana European Youth Capital, were organized 5 local workshops in various cities across the country, mainly in Kuçovë, Tiranë, Tropojë, Pogradec and Lezha.

These activities’ aim was to further acquaint the young people with the concepts of Peace and Security and to present the 5 main pillars of the Resolution 2250 of the United Nations Security Council, Youth, Peace and Security, as a way to further recognize the active role of young people in preventing and resolving conflicts, building peace and furthermore, in maintaining lasting peace in the communities where they live.

Even this year, the project team enjoyed the support of the peer trainer Flutura Brakaj for the implementation of 5 local workshops on Peace.

The informal learning techniques used in the program included a series of exercises that focused on getting the young people to know each other, creating group unity and increasing the level of discussions on social issues. Through these techniques, the young participants were encouraged to create a friendly, inclusive and at the same time respectful space for their knowledge and personal experiences. 

During the reflection process, at each stop we made, the youngsters brought a new spirit and appreciated the shown motivation in organizing these workshops. They expressed themselves positively, by meeting all the expectations they had, emphasizing the constant need of not being excluded, but furthermore to be involved in discussions of this format and further, to be the change towards a peaceful future without conflicts.


Local Workshop on Peace, Kuçovë

The Local Workshops on peace really made a comeback and the team chose to start the tradition of the workshops in the city of Kuçova, on September 3th-4th. Together with Peer Trainer Flutura Brakaj we were involved in two days of discussions on peace and security matters. 15 young people from this city participated in this activity, with the intention to collaborate in building a more inclusive and accepting space, where youngsters could freely express their point of view.

This activity kickstarted the series of local workshops in other cities of Albania.

Local Workshop on Peace, Tiranë

The second stop of the local workshops was in the city of Tirana, on September 17th-18th, to continue the discussions with the young people of this city as well as to add another perspective on peace to the discussion puzzle in the community and the role of young people in its construction. In this framework, the young girls and boys of Tirana, divided into working groups, offered a series of perspectives on social issues such as cyberbullying, building peace at the grassroots level, generational confrontation in the terms of understanding and the further influence they have on building a sustainable future for the environment where they live.

Local Workshop on Peace, Tropojë

The next local workshop on Peace was organized in the city of Bajram Curri, on October 15-16, where 15 youngsters joined the discussions on peace and security that started earlier with the launch of the project “Youth for Peace and Security”.

In two interactive days, young people emphasized different perspectives on peace and security, concepts of conflict and issues that affect them in their everyday life.  The young participants, in cooperation with each other, proposed a series of project ideas aiming at building a safe community and in function of the future.

Local Workshop  on Peace, Pogradec.

And while our journey with local workshops on peace in the cities was coming to an end, we couldn’t miss a stop in the city of Pogradec, on October 29-30, where together with 16 young people from this city, but also from the surrounding areas joined our discussions on the concepts of peace and security and furthermore on the 5 pillars of the United Nations Resolution.

The issues identified earlier in different discussion tables helped them in submitting different dimensions of understanding and the opportunity for young people to focus on creating ideas or activities in the lobbying process for solving different problems or raising awareness of all age groups.

Local Workshop on Peace, Lezhë

The Local Workshop on Peace organized on November 12-13th, in the city of Lezha, successfully concluded, for this year, the tour throughout Albania. In this city, as in every other city, there were different dynamics, where we had the opportunity to meet youngsters engaged in different activities which contributed in the wellbeing of the city and at the same time in their personal and professional growth.

This Blog post is prepared in the framework of the “Youth for peace and security” initiative, in partnership with National Youth Congress and in the scope of the Tirana European Youth Capital.

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