Building Partnership for Youth, Peace and Security

National Survey on Albanian Youth Perceptions on Peace at Local and Regional Realms

Within the framework of the project “Building Partnership for Youth, Peace and Security” financed by the Embassy of the United States in Albania, aiming to establish the National Network on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS), the United Nations Association in Albania (UNAA) is launching a nation-wide survey on youth perceptions that will serve this purpose.

This survey’s key objectives are: mapping the Albanian youth perceptions on peace and security at local and regional realms, exploring their perceived needs and priorities for peace as well as the existing barriers for youth engagement in peace talks and initiatives.

All answers will be treated with the utmost anonymity and confidentiality, serving only to the survey objectives, with the data being aggregated in a collective manner. While answering these questions honestly, you help us identify youth perceptions on peace and security, as we prepare for the project’s steps ahead.

Thank you for your valuable time and contribution.

UNA Albania Team