Youth Survey

United Nations Association Albania (UNA Albania) is interested in hearing about young people’s perceptions of peace in Albania. In the framework of the project “Building Partnership for Youth, Peace and Security“, UNA Albania is conducting a national study, collecting insights on:

  • young people’s perceptions on peace and security at local and regional realms; 
  • their barriers for further engaging in peace talks and initiatives; 
  • their perceived priorities for the Network; 
  • the youngsters’ input on the piloting of “Peace Week 2022”.

The survey is designed to complement the work of local, national, and international actors, dedicating efforts to the on-ground implementation of the YPS Agenda. It will run on a national level, through online and offline communication channels, targeting young people, 15 – 29 years old.

The data will further contribute to the concept and structure of the National Network on Youth, Peace, Security, better tailoring it to the needs of the Albanian youth community. 

Moreover, through its nationwide nature, the Survey will also contribute to mirroring and valuing the YPS Network partners’ work with the youth, thus prioritizing the areas of improvement.

Our team would be grateful if you would lend us 20-30 of your time to complete the survey. We would encourage you to share it with friends and peers with the caption: “To me, peace means..” .

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